Photography Electives

Filmed by students and staff at Yarraville Special Developmental School

The idea behind ‘The CAN teens’ was to celebrate the achievements of the students at Yarraville Special Developmental School. Parallel to that it is also a story about the Canteen program and how it is managed and run by the senior students at the school. Yarraville SDS is a school that caters to students with moderate to severe intellectual disability. Running the canteen program on a weekly basis to cater for half the school community is a massive achievement for the students, some of whom have been running the program for several years now. We are proud that our teens can achieve these great outcomes.

A film project focusing on a popular cooking program at Yarraville Special Developmental School had been shortlisted for a national film award. YSDS entered The CAN teens in the Focus on Ability 2017 short film festival. The film caught the eye of judges and it was shortlisted in the documentary category.