Allied Health Department

At Yarraville SDS the Allied Health Department consists of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Allied Health Assistants. The Allied Health Department works in collaboration with each other and classroom staff to provide a holistic approach to therapy in order to optimise the child’s outcomes.

This collaborative approach enables each child to practice their skills on a daily basis within the school setting.

The Allied Health Department at Yarraville SDS provides its services through a range of models. This includes group therapy sessions, one-to-one therapy sessions, program development, staff education and training, consultation with staff and families, creating resources for classrooms, equipment provision, liaison with other support staff involved with children and referrals to other services for specialist advice.

Speech Pathology

What is a Speech Pathologist? Speech Pathologists are trained to work with people who have communication difficulties. They work with all aspects of communication including speech, writing, reading, symbols, signs and gestures.

Speech Pathologists also assess and treat people with swallowing difficulties, working in collaboration with other specialists including dieticians and paediatricians.

At Yarraville SDS, a multimodal intervention approach has been adopted whereby children are exposed to speech, sign, picture/object symbols and voice output devices to assist them to communicate. The staff is supported to implement these approaches across the day, enhancing the children’s understanding and providing them with opportunities to communicate with others.

Students with feeding and swallowing difficulties are assessed by the Speech Pathologist and recommendations are made to enhance their safety during mealtimes.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with individuals to enhance independence through purposeful activity or occupation. The primary goal of Occupational Therapy is to enable people to participate fully in the activities of their everyday life, which for children may be playing, learning and self care.

An Occupational Therapist may provide specific interventions designed to achieve independence or they may make adaptations to the environment to enable greater independence for the individual.

At Yarraville SDS, a varied intervention approach is used. The Occupational Therapist may provide strategies to support a child’s sensory needs through a Sensory Integration approach, they may provide programs to support fine motor and gross motor skill development, support staff with behaviour management strategies and support equipment provision.



Our Physiotherapist assess the individual needs of students and develops exercise programs to improve student’s mobility, posture, sitting balance, coordination, muscle strength, joint range, muscle flexibility, standing stability and walking skills.